We believe in creating a structured and organized learning environment.


At Pods Swimming, we teach infants and toddlers to be happy and comfortable swimming underwater. They will learn to breathe underwater. This will help them in emergency situations not to panic and ingest water. We also teach them to swim, float, swim. The emphasis is placed on swimming forward, rolling to their backs for a breath, holding a float, and then rolling back to their stomachs. This teaches children life saving skills they will need in emergency situations.

These skills also serve as the foundation for the Pods skill progression. They are the foundation for children to learn basic swimming skills and for them to progress into proper stroke technique.


Our goal at Pods Swimming is to get children to attain the necessary skills to allow each child to have the best technique possible. We want children to have a solid foundation in all 4 strokes. They will take these strokes with them for a lifetime. We create the skills and the environment that allows children to have the best proper stroke technique possible, by placing emphasis on proper body position, efficient kicking, and learning to swim forward by creating minimal resistance. This includes proper head position, hip position, hand entry and recovery.

Upon successful completion, students will independently swim all 4 stokes freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly with good form and efficiency.


Pods Swimming originated in 1996 as the Ocean State Squids Learn to Swim program at Brown University. Coach Susan Pascale joined Squids in 1996 and Jamie Pascale in 1999; under world-class swimming coach Joshua Stern, they focused on teaching children proper stroke technique at a young age. They were also encouraged to support each child to reach his or her full potential, regardless of swimming level.


Susan successfully built Pods into a solid foundation for the Ocean State Squids swimming club, and she and Jamie provided starting block for many of New England’s top swimmers over the last 12 years. When Brown University’s pool closed in Fall 2007, Pods separated from Ocean State Squids and became its own swim school.


Pods is made up of both the Cuttlefish and Pod programs in which children learn foundational swimming skills and the basics of competitive swimming. Susan, Jamie, and Pod’s other experienced staff continue to focus on giving youth the proper stroke instruction they need for building strong swimmers, and the encouragement they need to reach their full potential.



We provide the best possible learning environment for each child to progress. Each instructor works individually with each child to allow them to achieve to their highest skill level.


We do not believe in teaching with flotation devices. During all lessons children will swim unassisted. We feel this allows them to be able to feel the water in the most natural position. Our goal is to have children learn proper stroke technique at the earliest age possible.