We believe in creating a structured and organized learning environment.


At Pods Swimming, we teach infants and toddlers to be happy and comfortable swimming underwater. This will help them in emergency situations not to panic and ingest water. We also teach them to swim, float, swim. The emphasis is placed on swimming forward, rolling to their backs for a breath, holding a float, and then rolling back to their stomachs. This teaches children life saving skills they will need in emergency situations.

These skills also serve as the foundation for the Pods skill progression. They are the foundation for children to learn basic swimming skills and for them to progress into proper stroke technique.


Our goal at Pods Swimming is to get children to attain the necessary skills to allow each child to have the best technique possible. We want children to have a solid foundation in all 4 strokes. They will take these strokes with them for a lifetime. We create the skills and the environment that allows children to have the best proper stroke technique possible, by placing emphasis on proper body position, efficient kicking, and learning to swim forward by creating minimal resistance. This includes proper head position, hip position, hand entry and recovery.

Upon successful completion, students will independently swim all 4 stokes freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly with good form and efficiency.


Since we began Pods eight years ago, our staff have been traveling from pool to pool in order to provide quality swim lessons in the Greater Providence area. However, we need to have our own permanent pool facility where we can provide a stable environment for our swimmers, our families and our staff.


We’re planning to break ground on a state-of-the-art, indoor pool facility at the corner of Route 44 and Commercial Way in East Providence, R.I. The 12,000 s/f building will have as its centerpiece a six-lane, 25-yard training pool plus a smaller, 90-degree heated “teaching” pool. Other amenities include a family changing room, locker rooms, a snack bar, reception area, and office space.


The new Pods pool will be our home base for year-round lessons and other swim events. It will also be available for rental to schools, senior centers and other organizations throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.


Pods Swimming offers a curriculum of individualized instruction that emphasizes proper stroke and other techniques and does not depend on the use of flotation devices. As most of you know, we also have an amazing staff that truly cares about each swimmer’s needs.


We’ve been extremely adaptable and have “gone with the flow” these past eight years, and we truly appreciate your continued support and flexibility. But I think you’ll agree that Pods having a home base for its lessons and swim events benefits everyone involved. It’s a huge undertaking for us, but one that will help not only the swim community, but also the entire local community, for decades to come.


We are in the process of securing financing for the pool construction. We have also set up a crowdfunding campaign on Open.Tilt.com and welcome any contributions from individuals or businesses that want to help support our project. For more details, please visit https://pods2015.tilt.com/build-a-pool-for-pods--3


We care deeply about the future of Pods and we want to keep you apprised about our plans to build a home.